Southern Konnection     

Dance~N~Fitness......."LINEDANCING 4 THE HEALTH OF IT"

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

About Southern Konnection

Southern Konnection is a Social Community Network of Linedancers within The Greater Houston Area founded by Rachel Lee "H-Town's" SouthernGirl. Designed to introduce a platform that  gives people of all ages and every ethnicity an opportunity to be social, dance and perform for the purposes of unity and being more fit. To  include all Linedancers representative of every group within the Houston Area as well as all across the US. Our mission is to promote the visibility and viability of Line Dance through Fitness. As a community service organization and a presenter of events and performance opportunities we service The City of Houston, The Greater Houston Area Linedance community and a wide variety audiences through collaborative and innovative programs and activities.

Benefit Of LineDance

Linedancing is one of the best fitness activities for total body wellness. It promotes heart health, mental health, muscle tone, balance and endurance. Linedancing stimulates the mind helping to combat Dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinson's. Linedancing is easy on the joints, increases stamina and helps to improve coordination. Research shows linedancing can reduce stress and improve you mental health by boosting your overall happiness. Linedancing is unique because it provides the heart-healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise; yet also a very popular social activity.

Everyone Can Dance!!!!

Ages 1 to 101 we are a culturally diverse family where age and demographics have no boundaries; Simply put we "Linedance 4The Health Of It" ...and we Love It!! It's a great way to sneak in exercise, meet new friends and groove to good music. Best of All No Experience necessary, No Partner or Special Clothing Required. Its Feel-good Fun exercise and It's Suitable For All Fitness Levels.